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Discover the Future of Building Excellence with Cariluxe.

The world’s most precious resources are being depleted every day. Today’s consumers need to take a closer look at the materials they use in construction. Cariluxe offers sustainable solutions to help reduce waste, control landfill usage, and create beautiful projects using materials that last a lifetime. Our goal is to practice sustainable development that our clients will enjoy for a lifetime.


Cariluxe has built our reputation one job at a time. This allows us to allocate 100% of our resources on one client vs. having multiple job sites that need tending to at the same time.

We subcontract parts of our construction process to the best trades that Bahamas has to offer, often working alongside partners that we have worked with for decades.

General construction is our business, but finished work is our passion. Our team takes utmost pride in the details of custom millwork and the finishing process. Whether it be custom cabinetry, entertainment centers, shade structures or a bespoke kitchen, let us make your dream design become a reality.

Custom Millwork

There is only one millwork facility in the Caribbean dedicated to composite construction materials that last, Cariluxe Bahamas Ltd.

We staff our light manufacturing facility exclusively with local carpenters, who represent the best skillsets on island. Apart from raw materials imported for use in the finishing process, Cariluxe produces locally, and only hires locally trained workers to fill our employment needs.


The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful places on earth; however, its marine environment, abundant sun, and thriving termite colonies have historically devastated wood trim, siding, and most exterior wood products.

If you are tired of scraping, re-painting and replacing rotting wood on your property year after year, give Cariluxe the chance to show you how to stop that cycle for good.