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The Look and Feel of Wood


Cellular PVC (sometimes referred to as plastic lumber) is a material developed only 15 years ago. The manufacturing process is complex and entails the “foaming” of melted PVC into a particular shape, which then hardens as it cools. The result is a solid, cellular material with a density similar to wood. Often, the material is milled, shaped and folded into desirable profiles for construction. PVC starts out as 48” x up to 20’ sheets and from there we rip the sheets into dimensional boards, and then mill the boards into the profiles and custom dimensions that the client desires. Freefoam PVC is not structural, but is often used as a cladding – covering structural members in typical construction.

There are virtually no limits to what we can create. Beginning with a client’s idea or a situation in need of repair, we welcome each individual project as a new challenge to develop, design and then create a solution; another masterpiece.   Drawing from our business partner Universal Provision Group LLC, we have access to a myriad of technology, industry leading expertise in synthetic millworks and dedicated partners that allow us to exchange ideas and introduce building technique based on traditional architecture, while leveraging the benefits of innovative materials, like PVC, Fiberglass, Wood Plastic Composites (WPC) and recycled Plastic Lumber. Give us chance to work with you on your next project – you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s a list of just some of the benefits:

  • Impervious to the Elements — Plastic wood does not rot or degrade from water, salt, insects or sunlight…ever.
  • Eco Friendly — Plastic wood replaces organic material that has to be cut down. The use of wood contributes to deforestation and the problem of waste disposal.
  • Installation — Plastic wood behaves very much like wood. It is cut, milled, screwed, nailed, and glued like its organic cousin.
  • Painting — Plastic wood can be painted. In fact, paint adheres to Cariluxe better than wood since cellular PVC acts as a moisture barrier from within. This prevents moisture from undermining paint.
  • Efficient Utilization — Plastic wood does not contain burs, knots or voids that have to be cut out.
  • Fire Retardant — Plastic wood contains a low oxygen content and is considered ‘self extinguishing’.