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Why Cariluxe?

There is only one millworks located in the Caribbean dedicated to synthetic construction materials,  Cariluxe. We staff our manufacturing facilities in the Bahamas and Barbados exclusively with local employees. With the exception of raw materials imported for use in the finishing process, Cariluxe produces locally.


So why is it important to be a Caribbean manufacturer? Simple. Our prices are considerably lower with much greater realized value. From reduced milling cost to reduced shipping, to potentially reduced import tariffs — Cariluxe beats the competition hands down.


Here is a list of reasons to consider using Cariluxe products:


  • Cost — As a CARICOM (Caribbean Community Member) millworks, our prices can’t be beat. Period.


  • Faster delivery — With millworks in the Caribbean including distribution centers in the Bahamas and Barbados, we often have local product available.


  • Small or large orders — Competing products Imported from abroad requires large volume orders. With materials stocked and finished in the Caribbean, we easily handle smaller size orders.


  • Style — With over 10 years experience working with Caribbean architects and builders, as well as many innovative architects throughout the world, we have the experience required to design and develop traditional as well as cutting edge profiles consistent with local style elements. Custom designed Cariluxe profiles are not available anywhere else.


  • Green attributes — We support builder applications for projects requiring environmental scoring. This provides builders an advantage when competing against alternative bids that incorporate wood product.


  • Local economic benefit — By sourcing from a Caribbean company, employment increases, tax revenues are raised, and the economic ecosystem is buoyed. By importing wood, someone else’s economy is supported – not to mention giving termites a free ride to the islands, your homes, and projects.