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Engineered to last

The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful places on earth; however, its marine environment, abundant sun, and thriving termite colonies have historically devastated wood trim, siding, and most exterior wood products.If your tired of scraping, re-painting and replacing, rotting wood on your property year after year, why don’t you give Cariluxe a chance to show you how to stop that cycle for good.


Cariluxe offers technically advanced building materials that are impervious to Mother Nature’s wrath. Whether you require a cladding to a structural column, or a hard plastic for deck structural joists for a new deck to be installed onto, Cariluxe materials are the right choice. We promote easy to install products that are virtually maintenance free with the look and feel of natural wood.   Better yet, Cariluxe has a factory trained installation crew that will even do the installation work for you. Give us a call for you next project.